The Dancer

Hey there, new (or old) friend! Welcome to The Digital Dance Floor. I’m Natalie, a 20-something young professional from Cleveland. Today I mostly live in the ad world but I grew up on the dance floor.

Natalie DeGrandis

At 5-years-old I put on a pink tutu and refused to take it off. I eventually traded the tutu a pair of sneakers (and sometimes tap shoes). After graduating high school my dance journey took me to the big city on scholarship at The Broadway Dance Center and then on to LA to train at The EDGE Performing Arts Center.

After fighting my fair share of traffic, I returned to Cleveland and my dance family. Although a couple years had passed we all came together when we started Metamorphosis Dance Co., a nonprofit dance company benefiting The American Cancer Society. With a lot of sweat, laughter and heart, we were able to raise a good chunk of change for cause near and dear to us.

Since then, we’ve all found other passions like teaching, music, wine, Twitter, fashion, camels, snapchat, facial hair and selfies, but we always know where to find each other. The dance floor.

Metamorphosis Dance Co.


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