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Full disclosure – I came into the blogosphere and Twitter world kicking and screaming, just ask my friends. I get it, social media can be creepy. We live in a world where in one click – a stranger can learn your mother’s maiden name, your first pet’s name and what you ate for lunch last Thursday.

Well, deal with it. It ain’t changing.

What you’ll find here is my random thoughts on how social media is changing the dance world. Who is doing it well, and who isn’t. I try  sprinkle some fun videos in between all the words because I know most dancers are A.D.D. like me.


One Response to The Blog

  1. Hi there! I found you blog to be extremely interesting, mostly the articles pertaining to managing twitter and social media in terms of dancers and their affiliated companies. In my personal opinion, some people should have enough common knowledge to know that they are not the only ones looking at what they post on the internet. I also agree with you in the harsh was NYCB is coming down on social media monitoring. I also stopped reading exactly where you did. I have been a athlete for a majority of my life and a similar situation happened with a close friend of mine and our coach. It is very fascinating to think about social media in terms of monitoring as well as measurements. These are all fields that are constantly growing and the public is slowly gaining instant access to anything it wants. DO YOU believe this to be a good thing? I am honestly kind of terrified at times. I MISS the concept of FACE-TO-FACE.

    You have a wonderful blog. When do you find the time? Mine is basically anything goes. That is my current challenge as a student.

    Thanks so much,
    Elizabeth Keller

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