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The Dance Version of an Elevator Speech

Elevator speech? Such a cliché and has nothing to do with dance, right? Wrong. In the day of the incredibly shrinking attention span, a dancer has about 10 seconds at best to grab an agent, audience or choreographer’s attention. When … Continue reading

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DancePlug: Raising The Social Media Bar

In previous posts I’ve focused on the challenges dancers face with social media. In this post I want to focus on three dancers who have not just overcome the challenges, but are thriving in the world of social media. Glyn … Continue reading

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New York City Ballet First to Enforce Social Media Contracts

Remember that saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Turns out your mom was right, especially when it comes to social media. Common sense, right? Well, apparently some of us need to be … Continue reading

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Facebook is the Dancer’s Friend

I can’t even count how many articles I’ve read from PR professionals that say every company should have a presence in every social media channel. Yes, interacting with your audience is important but I’m just not convinced it’s always necessary … Continue reading

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Dancer Blogaphobia?

In my journey into the blogosphere I have spent a significant amount of time searching for established dancers and choreographers who have a compelling blog. So far no luck. There are a few dancers out there that have attempted to … Continue reading

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Mobile Apps for Dancers On-the-Go

As graduate students, we are forced to sit in front of our computers for hours on end writing, reading and researching for classes (OK – not forced to but just humor me). In grad school, computers are our lifeline and … Continue reading

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Twittquette for Dancers

At the core, social media is a community and like in any other community there are rules of etiquette. The rules of etiquette are unique to each social media platform, and when they are violated it is visible for the … Continue reading

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