The Dance Version of an Elevator Speech

Elevator speech? Such a cliché and has nothing to do with dance, right? Wrong.

Courtesy of Google ImagesIn the day of the incredibly shrinking attention span, a dancer has about 10 seconds at best to grab an agent, audience or choreographer’s attention.

When it comes to an online presence, it is beneficial to keep this in mind.  The most comparable version of an elevator speech for a dancer is a YouTube video.  When grabbing the viewer’s attention, fireworks and a big show are not necessary. Personality and confidence will take you a long way.

Jian Pierre-Louis

Jian Pierre-Louis

I stumbled upon a video by Jian that I thought illustrated this beautifully. Notice how the subtle visuals build to the camera rumble, walking the perfect line of confidence and personality. The icing on the cake is the call to action at the end.

I guess it doesn’t hurt that the choreography and dancers are pretty amazing though.

My only complaint with this video is the Yankees hat. Jian, I’m sure I could find you an extra Indians hat if you’re interested.

All in all, this 54 second “elevator speech” turned into 10 minutes on repeat. That’s a win-win situation in my book.

Check out the Better Than Caffeine page to see other videos that feature Jian.

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3 Responses to The Dance Version of an Elevator Speech

  1. Digital dancefloor is the best!

  2. A Step Above says:

    Wow, great post! Digital dancefloor was great!

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