Mobile Apps for Dancers On-the-Go

As graduate students, we are forced to sit in front of our computers for hours on end writing, reading and researching for classes (OK – not forced to but just humor me). In grad school, computers are our lifeline and main source of survMobile apps are important to a dancer's lifestyleival.

Professional dancers, on the other hand, very rarely spend hours sitting in front of their computer.  Between classes, rehearsals and performances, they are constantly on-the-go. More for the convenience factor, dancers tends to rely on their phones for survival.

Inspired by a graduate project for my PR Online Tactics course, I researched mobile applications that are most useful to dancers. The apps listed below are the highly rated  and designed to make every aspect of a dancer’s life more manageable.

Social Network Apps: As I have indicated in prior posts, keeping connected to peers in the dance world is incredibly advantageous to a dancer’s career. It allows dancers to learn the latest news in real-time. The below apps are adaptations of the social networking platforms.

Most popular with BlackBerry users, Uber Social (formerly Uber Twitter) is another Twitter app alternative. In my opinion, this app is less user-friendly but I know many loyal users.

Blogging: If you are a blogger and suddenly get the inspiration to post, TypePad makes it possible to blog straight from a cell phone. This app is great for short posts but for lengthy posts I recommend waiting until you get in front of your computer. As convenient as it is to blog between classes, there are limitations to its capabilities and the quality of a post could suffer.

Courtesy of Google ImagesMusic: Nothing is possible in the dance world without music. These free apps are all must-haves for dancers and music lovers.

Fitness and Nutrition: In order to carry out day-to-day activities, healthy nutrition and fitness is a requirement. The apps below are designed to keep balance in a very active lifestyle.

  • BodyBook – an exercise and fitness log app
  • Calories Burned Calculator – designed to evaluate how many calories burned during a workout/dance class
  • Food Network – provides healthy recipes and videos
  • Pain Free – offers exercises that can help alleviate aches and pains

GPS Navigation: Running from audition to audition is a reality for a dancer. Getting from one place to another can be a struggle. Google Maps Navigation is a free app that I am a fan of. It allows the user to choose multiple routes (highways, back streets, etc.). Those dancers stuck in L.A. traffic could benefit tremendously from this option. MotionX Drive is a similar paid app available to iPhone users. As far as I am concerned, Google Maps is just as good as this paid app.

Google Maps App

Using apps like can be a useful way to manage financesFinance: The phrase “starving artist” is around for a reason. At one point or another all dancers struggle to make ends meet. Dancers choose this profession out of passion, not to become millionaires. Luckily there are apps that can make managing finances easier. Out of all the apps out there, my recommendation is Mint. This app automatically enters transactions and updates account balances and sends real-time alerts to the user when an account balance is dangerously low. There has also been a recent update allows editing transactions.

This is just a short list of apps that I have found helpful. What apps are you using? Are there any apps that you couldn’t live without?

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One Response to Mobile Apps for Dancers On-the-Go

  1. Caleb says:

    Heres a fun dance app. It’s called “Snapdance” and you can record 6 dance moves and remix them into a video. I love it! Good fun:

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